Strange but True – Stories that are hard to believe

Once I was just surfing net. I was googling and my eye caught out some strange and mind blowing stories that happened in the real world. I could not believe it. I went on researching about it. They were the stories hard to believe. Well, I have never thought in this world, such stories could be possible. So, I have collected some of them to share with you.

You might have heard some of them but I surely believe it will surprise you again.

i. Engaged couple were actually brother and sister

This was a story from South Africa. A couple who were engaged for five years were planning to get married. So, they arranged a parents meeting for their wedding plan. But, when their parents met, they found out, they were brother and sister.

The boy and the girl were living with their single parents, Father and Mother respectively who were separated when they were just two years and eight months simultaneously . They were never told they had a sibling.

The couple met in the university where they fell in love with each other.They engaged for five years. The girl was about to give a birth. After they discovered, they were brother and sister, both were shocked. But, they got a divorced. They were both worried about the child and they said that they did not know what to tell the child when he grows up.



ii. When he saw the CCTV footage

A man in a japan set up the CCTV camera in the kitchen. He felt that someone was stealing foods from his kitchen. He initially thought it might be some animals. But when he saw the CCTV footage, it was a women who was living in his cupboard. Every night, she came out form the cupboard, ate his food and even took a shower but he never knew it. She was living like this since a year.



iii. Separated twins lived the same life

James Edward Lewis, a resident of ohio, had a wife named Linda. But, he divorced her and married a women name Betty and had a son named James Alan. He was adopted. At his late 3os , he knew he was a twins.So,  he searched his twin brother. When he met his brother for the first time, he discovered :

his name was James Arthur Springer, who married Linda named women once but got a divorced and again got married with the women named Betty. He had a son named James Allan. He also even found that both of them had a dogs named Toy. They both worked in law enforcement. They both had a lot commons.



iv.  $4.6 million accidentally deposited in a Malaysian girl account

A Malaysian girl, named Jiaxin Lee found out one day that her bank balance was $4.6 million while she was studying in Australia. However, she did not inform to the bank about their mistake. Instead she spent in the shopping and luxury handbags.

Later she was arrested. But, the court gave her  a bail since it was not a crime. She didn’t take it illegally, instead the bank gave her.    





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