Stories that inspires

A life is a story. My life, my story. Your life, your story. .

We may have heard many stories , we may have read many stories but when you are asked to memorize one of them, then you only remember one that really touched your heart, the story that inspired you.

So, here are the some of the stories that really inspired me in my life and they are real life based. I hope these will inspire you too.

i. A drunkard father and his two son

There was a father , a drunkard father. He had a two son. Their mother was dead. So, it was duty of father to take care of the children but most of the time, he was drunk.

After 30 years,  one of the son became a famous business man of the town while the other was drunkard like father. One day, the local media took interview of both sons.

You both were the sons of the same drunkard father but one of you, a famous business man while other , the drunkard. How were you different?

Drunkard son: When I looked my father, drunk all the time, I felt like life is nothing. Its all about drink and enjoy.

Famous son: When I looked my drunkard father, I felt like I will not waste my life like this. I felt I would do something in my life.

Lesson : Always be positive in your life. 

Source: I have heard this story in sabeena’s program yo maya bhanne cheej yestai ho.


ii. Two friends and villagers

In a small village, there lived two boys. One of them were just nine years while another was fifteen but both of them were best friends.

One day, they went outside their village. They reached in a big well. Unfortunately, the fifteen year boy fell down in a well. The nine year boy cried for help but there was no one to help him. Finally, he himself threw the rope inside the well and his friend caught it. Then, with a full strength he pulled and pulled and pulled until his friend came outside.

Later, when they returned to the village , they shared their incident to the people but no one believed them. They wondered how could a nine year boy, thin and bony, could pulled such a huge fifteen year boy. Then, they all went to the head of the village, Mukhiya baaje who was considered as the most intelligent. They shared the boys story.

Mukhiya baaje told that the boys were telling truth. All of the villager could not believe still. Then, the Mukhiya baaje explained- The nine year boy pulled his friend from the well because at that moment, there was no one to tell him that you can’t do that.

Lesson: Always believe in yourself that you can do it.

Source: From the motivational video of Sandeep Maheshwori


iii. Two engineers, two different path

Lucky and John ( Name changed since I could not remember the real one) just passed their engineering. Both were good friends. One was mechanical and another software. Both of them got job in a big company.

After fifteen years,

John, a software engineer became the CEO of his company. Once he was on the way, he saw Lucky, mechanical engineer working in the garage. He could not believe that. So, he went to meet him.

John : Hey Lucky, you are here. But you joined such a big company. How could you be in such a small garage? I could not believe it. Look I am here, the CEO of my company.

Lucky : Yes john. I worked there for some years but I could not enjoy there. I enjoyed here in the garage since I love to play with all these mechanics tools. Though I could not earn  like there but I am happy here. I am doing what I love.

John : You are right Lucky. Since I have name , fame, money right now but I am still not happy because I did not do what I am passionate about. I always regret that I did what other love, I never did what I love.

Lesson: Always do the things you love. Live by doing the things you are passionate about.

Source: From TED


iv. The day I realized I became old

Our pandit baaje, a person who performed our ritual works usually shared a lots of stories during any ritual function. Though he is no more but I always remember that one story he shared about his real life experienced.

One day, he was going home in a bus. On the mid way, the conductor had to go home. So, the conductor showed his driver, the passengers from whom bus fare need to be collected. He told the driver that he had to collect the bus fare from that old man. He showed the driver pointing towards the old man. Our pandit baaje looked backward and he saw no old man. Then, he realized that it was him, the old man, whom that conductor pointed. From that moment, he realized that he had really been old.

Lesson: You never know how fast the time has passed until you really realized it.

Source: Late pandit baaje 


v. 1up, 2up, 3up to 7up

This is a story about 7up, a famous cold drink. I have read this story in ”Why we want you to be rich” a most read book by Trump and Kiyosaki. A most share story.

There was a guy who loved soda. So, he started his soda business with name 3UP. It failed. Then, he again started a soda called 4UP. It failed again. So, he named his product 5UP. But, it failed too. He worked hard again and launched his product by 6UP. But, this time also he failed. So, he gave up completely.

Then, after some years, someone came with a product name 7UP and that became a huge success. 

Lesson: Never give up

Source: ”Why we want you to be rich” a most read book by Trump and Kiyosaki




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