Why Trump and Kiyosaki want us to be rich?

”How to become successful?”

”How to be rich?”

”How to start a business?”

”How to become an entrepreneur?”  

”Why Bill gates, Steve jobs, Warren buffets are successful?”

I was just googling it.

After analyzing and research, I found one thing common –

Never Give up. Think crazy and keep moving. 

Another important lesson is that most of the successful person read at least one book in a month. Do you believe it?

Not a course book!

In my life, I have always gone through course books. I have never read outside my comfort zone. But this time, I went beyond my comfort zone, I started reading as many books as possible recommended by successful person.

Think and grow rich

The go giver

How to win friends and influence people

Why we want you to be rich

Rich dad and poor dad

and counting………..

The latest book I read was Why we want you to be rich by Robert kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

In every book I read whenever there are good lines or any new ideas, I copied it and made a list so that next time, it will be an easy task to get those ideas.

Here, I wanted to share the main theme of the book. This is because next time, I don’t have to go through whole book to get those ideas and I hope this will be a worth for you too if you don’t have time to read a book. I am sure it will add a value in your life.

Trump and Kiyosaki really want us to be an entrepreneur. They want us to be a job provider rather than a job seeker. They want us to be an investor and business man so that we can be free financially. So, here are the key points of the book.

  • Asset Rich and Cash poor 

One of the best example of it is our family. We have lands of millions value but when we need money, we don’t have cash. We are rich in paper but poor in cash. This is because we lack financial literacy. We were never taught about financial education. I was only taught to read hard, get marks and work in a good company. School never gave me the knowledge how to utilize the money. So, increase your financial knowledge.

  • Entrepreneurs are people who like to try something new

Work hard and get a job what every school, teachers, parents and most friends told me. They never told that you can be the job provider rather than job seeker. The world need job provider rather than a job seeker. Whenever something new ideas strikes in my mind, all of them were against it. So, I have to give out. But, now I realized that to become successful, you have to think something new and move forward even if everyone is against you. Just have a faith on you and love what you do.

  • What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself?

Well, President Trump is right. We all have a knowledge but we all are afraid to practically utilize it. We have a fear of failure. I do have some knowledge in my mind and I was too afraid to apply it due to the fear of – what will happen if I fail? This fear has always made us backwards. So, one of the key to success is to remove the fear and act. Keeping a great knowledge is useless until we act on it. Eliminate the inside fear and rise your courage.

  • A problem can create an opportunity

You don’t learn without a problem. A problem is the key to learn something new. It creates an opportunity. Since I resigned from job, I didn’t know what to do. So, it was a great problem for me. But, this problem has really helped to figure out the way to move forward. I got chance to read many motivational and inspirational books that showed me the way of life. Solve the problem and find the solution but never bypass it. Take it as a challenge!

  • Learning in itself is an investment

Most of the people said me that I was wasting my time. They suggested me to go working in any company but I was just reading books and gaining new ideas. I have always believe that learning is an investment. I worked for two years but by reading the books in this five months, I have learned more than I did from worked. Sometime, in your life if the things are going bad, then you should stop, analyze the past and move ahead so that you will not make that same mistake again and again. So, Never stop learning.

  • Write your own script

After reading the book, I found my life script was in other hands. I didn’t have any control in my life. I was living someone’s else life. So, I was not enjoying what I was doing. This is our life. If we are not going to think about our life then who else will? So, give our self a little freedom to develop into something or someone we’d actually like to be. It is better to enjoy what you do rather than regret what you didn’t do later.

  • Life is full of risk

Normal people often fear of taking risk. Most of them want to remain in safe zone. But remember that life is full of risk. Those who take courage to take risk are the winners. Winners take the responsibility. They expand their world and vision. They think big and live big. The biggest risk in life is not moving forward with the knowledge we have.

  • Take the time to learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are the opportunity to learn. Never hide your mistake because you will never get chance to learn the truth. Remember that you will learn faster than those who avoid making mistakes or pretend they do not make any. Lets face the mistake. There is a lot in the world to learn.

  • The good life isn’t over until you give up on it

One of the best thing you can learn from this book is never give up. Once you give up, your life is over. Everyday is a good day to start. Be patience on what you are doing because it takes time, effort and thought to get what you want if you keep on going. If getting success was easy then everyone will get it.

  • Leaders Are Teachers

Leaders are someone who have clear vision and who can teach other to see. They inspires you to go beyond your fear and doubts. They help your dream to become reality. They show you the hard things in a simple way. So, they are teachers. 



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