Another side of Facebook

Well, finally Donald Trump became the President of USA.

Some were joyed while some were against it. Mixed reactions.

People were still talking about Brexit. The future of Britain.

Ronaldo won the Best FIFA player. A war between Ronaldo and Messi fans was going on. I was quite upset because I love Messi but I never hate Ronaldo.

This was all the top stories.

I clicked to my profile.

Same old profile picture. It had been one month I haven’t changed my profile. So, I just took a selfie, did some filters and uploaded it.


After some hours,

I heard a beep sound in my cell phone.

Probably… notifications. I guessed.

Yes, it was the notifications from Facebook.


Logged in to my Facebook Account.

105 likes and 22 comments.

Wow, that was pretty good. I was in full joyed since after a long time my profile pic have got more than 100 likes in just few hours. I just gave a look to my picture once more and congratulated it. 

Babu! Babu!

I heard mum calling.

Babu! Babu!

Again mum was calling.

My eyes opened. It was a dream.

8 am in the morning and the sun light was already in my bed.


Quickly, opened my Facebook account in my android phone.

5 from 105 and 2 from 22 were missing. I mean –

10 Likes and 2 comments.

Blood pressure rose early in the morning.

I cooled down. 

I scroll up.

1oo likes and 19 comments.

Ya, it was in one of my friends profile pic uploaded just one hour after mine.

Blood pressure rose again.

What can I do?

I just disliked his profile pic and made it to 99 from 100.



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