Change the way you think

Some of the videos are so inspiring that it really touches deep inside your heart. It makes you realize the truth and changes your concept. It changes the way you think. Our Life is what we think. All the circumstances around us are the result of our thoughts. So, it is very important that we […]

500 km through scooter

Scooters are for short distance that what I used to think. I was wrong. Listen here, we traveled more than 500 km by that little scooter. ” Adventurous, exciting, beautiful, natural and togetherness.” Kathmandu, Ramechhap, Jiri, Dolakha, Mude and back to Kathmandu. A short glimpse of our trip: November 8, 2014 The two Traveller The […]

Strange but True – Stories that are hard to believe

Once I was just surfing net. I was googling and my eye caught out some strange and mind blowing stories that happened in the real world. I could not believe it. I went on researching about it. They were the stories hard to believe. Well, I have never thought in this world, such stories could be […]