I love to visit this place again and again.

How would you feel when you visit one of your favorite childhood place  and it makes you as if you were there?

Every time I visit this place, it reminds me of my childhood. All those flashback comes dancing in my eyes and I love it.

Yesterday, once again I visited this place and this time I have captured it. So, here are the some glimpse of it.

My journey start with this place – Gaurinagar.

Gaurinagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu
A holy path
A way to Kirateshwori mandir

People usually heads towards Guheswori after Gaurinagar but I suggest don’t forget to visit this place. This is one of my favorite place. If you are fond of religious songs like bhajan kritan, then you have to visit this.

Kirateshwor Mandir
Women after worshiping Kirateshwor
A path to Guheshwori alongside a holy Bagmati river

This is my favorite place for jogging. Every day thousands of people comes here for jogging in the morning.

Children at the bank of Bagmati

Gaurighat once were the place for the cremation of dead body according to Hinduism. But now, it has become best place for Chath, festival of terai.


Earthquake effect

This historical buildings once were school. Later, it was opened for public to performs rituals works but now due to earthquake, it has been closed.

When will this building be renovated?

A holy Bagmati
Guheshwori Mandir

This temple is best place for getting married. You can see most of the couple getting married here. I hope I will too get married here.


Only for Hindus

Entrance only for Hindus – Why is this? I can’t find the reason.

I am Hindu and I can go to church, Stupas, Gumbas, Mosque but why they are not allowed to enter in our temples.

Aren’t Gods for All?

A town behind Bagmati

can’t believe that empty place could change to this big town. This was the place where once were a football ground for us.

A path to Gorakhnath

One of the best place for morning walk. If you are near it, don’t be lazy. Grab that opportunity.

Angry earth
A message to God

Usually, A bell is the medium to send our message to god that we are here for them.

Lord shiva

An idol of Lord Shiva. Shiva is regarded as one of the key God of Hindus. So, lots of Hindus women worship Lord Shiva.

An idol, a stone craft

Visit the Gorakhnath if you are fond of these types of idols and stone crafts. There are lots more than you expect.

Heading to Pashupatinath

This path will never get vacant. The most used path in Pashupatinath.

Aakhi Jhyaal
A path to God
Beautiful Park

The best place to view the Pashupatinath temple. You can see the whole Pashupatinath from here. The following picture have been taken from here.

But, these days this place is a key place for love birds. You can see young generations couple roaming around here in this place.

Pashupatinath view from Beautiful park
a Sketch man

Usually, you will never miss an artist here. This is the right place to get your sketch. A fine and talented artist and sketcher will be available showing their true skills.

Ganesh and Kuber
Gods are in every path you take.
A sign of peace

Birth, Life and Death.

A dead body is cremated here according to Hindus norms. So. most Hindus life ends here. It is believed that your path to heaven opens from here.

An opening of Pashupatinath

Haven’t you visited Pashupatinath?

Then what are you doing here?


Mitrapark once were so peace and quite but now it has become the crowded and the most traffic jams. Mitrapark is no more a Mitra park.

Some of the remaining glimpses:

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