When I were a kid !!!!!!!

”Life is what between birth and death.” 

Life has stages to face with time. It starts with birth, then, infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Adult, old age and finally end with death.

Which is the best stage of your life? Can you tell?

Well, I am in the preliminary stage of my adulthood. I have experienced all the bottom stages of my life and if I have to pick one of them, then, I would choose – Childhood.

The best part of childhood is being child and thinking like child.

Let me share with you some of the funny moments of my childhood. I have some memorable stories  when I were a kid!!!

I am with a big forehead

i. How are babies born!!!!

This is probably the most tough question for the parents when their children ask. Most of the parents try to avoid the truth just by saying babies are created by god while some may avoid just by laughing. With time, they know the truth. It was the same case with me.

When I were a kid , I too used to wonder about it. I asked with my parents but they gave the same answers that babies are created by god.

There was my friend Rupa. She and I had a debate regarding it. Our conversation was like this:

Me: Babies are born from the mother’s breast.

Rupa : No, Babies are born from mother’s Anus.

I said I was correct while she insisted she was. So, we had a tough debate on it. We even quarreled with each other. There were elders who were laughing at our debate but never revealed the truth.

Later, I knew both of us were wrong.

What about you?


 ii. That was not a chocolate !!

Childhood is the time when you become happy even if you get a small gifts from elders. But sometime, there are the people who takes the advantages of your childhood and make fun of you but you may never know.

There was Uncle who was uncle for everyone whether juniors or seniors. He was famous by the keyword – Uncle in the community.

One day he called me and said that he had bought some chocolates for me. He gave me one of them. I was quite happy for that but it was a strange chocolate I had never seen before. I was about to show my mother but before that he dragged me and kept that with him. I didn’t know what was wrong.

But now, I knew that was not a chocolate. Probably, you might have known by now what it was.


iii. Little knowledge is dangerous!

Childhood is the best time to learn. This is the time that you quickly learn from others and try to apply it practically even though you are not so perfect.

Govinda dai – famous electrician in our community. He is the one that used to repair electronic devices of our community.

One day, we had a problem in our TV. Actually, the mouse had cut the wire of our TV. He came and repaired in a minute. I was watching him carefully. A few week later, the same problem. Mouse again cut the wire. Now, I was their with confidence to repair. I remembered what he did and repaired accordingly. Then, when I switched on the button, Bangggggg………….

Meter MCB went down and their was a spark. I was so worried. My mother was in anger. Later Govinda dai came and solved the problem. Thanks god- not a major damaged. He then explained what I did wrong. Actually, I twisted both +ve and -ve wire at once.

That’s why somebody is true- Little knowledge is dangerous.


iv. People were happy to know I quit Tekwondo !

Our school started giving Tekwondo training. I was interested and submitted my name. The very next day, I was a Tekwondo kid. So, what I used to do was as soon as I finished my training , I came home, collected some kids and started giving training to them.

But one day, my guru saw me playing marble with other kids. I was absence that day and he had warned me. From next day, I left the training due to his fear and the giving training in home was stopped too. People of community were very much happy that I quit tekwondo. From that day, community was pretty silent otherwise I would be there with husss.. haaaaaa….. training the kids making noise in the community.


V. Behuli (Bride)

We were at village for our uncle marriage ceremony. There was a new member in our family but me and my sister could not identify her. We asked grand ma and she told us she  was just here for work until the marriage ceremony. The day of marriage was one week later. So, me and my sis were curious to see our new aunt.

One day, an old man from village came in our house.

Old man : How is your new aunt?

Me : We haven’t seen her.

My sis : She will come after my uncle will marry her next week.

Old man : hahahaha ( laugh) . The girl working in your house is your new aunt.

I and my sis could not believe him.

My sis : No, she is just here for work.

Old man : Hahahah (Laugh again). Ask your mother and grandma ? She is your new aunt.

So, we hurriedly went to ask mother and grandma. Both of them laughed and said the old man was true.

From that day until the marriage,

me and my sis always teased her by saying behuli (Bride).


These were some of mine. What about yours?


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