Lost the way

What is your aim?

Our tutor was asking each of my friends while we were in class 9. So, my friends expressed what they wanted to be in future.

”Doctor” – Bishal.

”Bike Racer” – Shreeram.

”Artist” – Sandeep.

”Doctor” – Umyes

”Electrical Engineer” – Menaka

”Businessman” – Sanjeev

and it was my turn. I said – ”Football player”.


After 9 years, here we got together in Flavors Cafe, Hyatt, Boudha.

School Friends get together. Some friends are missing. Really sorry for that.

What is the most interesting things? Do you know? Look here.

Bishal and Umyes who wanted to be a doctor are a CA  and Account Manager now respectively.

Shreeram who wanted to be a bike racer has completed his BBA and in search of job.

Menaka who aimed to be electrical engineer is completing her MBBS this year and is doing internship.

I who wanted to be a football player is an unemployed engineer.

Only Sandeep and Sanjeev are in their reality. They are happy too. Sandeep is working in Advertising company while Sanjeev has his own business.

Only two out of seven are enjoying the things they wanted nine years ago. And rest have changed their direction.

What may be the cause? Why we changed our aim?

In reality, most of the people are found working in the field which they are never interested. They have name, fame but not passion. So, at the end, they regret one thing. that is, they did not do what they like, they did what other liked.

Well, I don’t know why friends have changed their direction but when I realized and research mine, I found we are hypnotized by the system  of education and the traditional concept of our society.


” मेरो छोरा ठुलो भएपछि धेरै पैसा कमाउछ अनि ठुलो घर बनाउनु पर्छ  hai” – my mother used to say while I was studying in school.

My teacher said – ” Read and read. Work hard. Get distinction and you will get the good job in a big organisation.”

I was their working hard, reading and reading, getting good marks in order to be what they wanted. No body asked what I wanted to be. Some may had asked but they never provided the ways how to achieve that, instead they again suggested to read, get good marks and go for the government jobs which will secure your future.

This is the key problem I found. Everybody want to be secured. No one want to take risk. They don’t want to win instead they don’t want to loose as said by Robert Kiyosaki, A writer of” Rich dad and poor dad”.

After two years of working in an organisation, I realized this is not what I wanted and what I wanted to be. So, I took a risk. Don’t know what to do next in life, I resigned from my job. Its been around eight month I am unemployed. It doesn’t mean I haven’t tried.

I did not get selected in Ncell. I did not pass NEA exam and even I was not selected in Nepali army officer. I failed to fulfill my family wishes.

When you are a elder son of your family, then definitely it is OK to expect from you. They have the right.

Well, I did not waste this eight months. I read different books of successful person, entrepreneur,  leadership, money making, business techniques.

‘Learning itself is an investment.” – trump

You know, when everything in life is going bad, then you have to stop and analysed the past to figure out the problems so that you will do not make same mistake in coming days. So,  I tried to figure out what went wrong in my life. These books really helped me to open my concept and think different.

My mind was hypnotized. I used to worry what my family will say or my neighbor will think about. How my relatives will view. I was worried about other feelings instead of what I will feel. I was victimized by inner thoughts through others prospective. This is what most of the people are being victimized by, so most of them suppress their thoughts and ideas.

”What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself” – Donald Trump

In our society, parents expect their children to earn lots of money. Schools want their students to get good marks and most of the youth wants secured jobs.

”The man who can make hard things easy is the educator” – Robert T Kiyosaki

We are being trained in school to work for the organization, get good job and secure your life. I mean most of the parents don’t teach their children how to earn money instead they only want them to earn money. Most of the school teaches what to do but not how to do. So, students fail in their professional life like me.

”It is insanity to keep sending kids to school and not teaching them about money” – Trump

We are loosing because we lack professional education. Our education system is just providing knowledge but not teaching us how to gain knowledge. This is just like giving a fish to children instead of teaching them fishing. This is the mistake that is why most of the youths are unemployed. We are being trained to work for others. So, the richer are getting richer and poorer are getting poor as said by Rich dad.

Well, no body knows the future. But one thing is sure-

if you can dream it, you can achieve itReduce your fear and fuel your courage.


I will like to suggest you to read some of the following books:

  • The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napolien Hill
  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
  • Why we want you to be rich – Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump
  • Rich dad and poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

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