Funny moments – Me and my friends

Well , Life is full of fun and sorrow. But, it depends upon you which to keep and which to leave. I have always learned from sorrow. I keep that learning leaving out the sorrow but I always keep the fun that created smile in my face. So, these are the top five funny moments of me including friends:

Rank 5 . A wrong bus

My friend. Really cool and funny guy.

Once he was heading towards college through bus. Our college was on bhaktapur and his home is in Chabahil. It takes about an hour to college through bus from chabahil. In the next bus station, he saw our tutor waiting for bus. He expected that the tutor would catch the bus but surprisingly he left out. Manoj was quite surprised. One hour later, he found himself in kalanki. At that time he realized that he had taken the wrong bus and knew why his tutor didn’t catch that bus.  Well, he might have known earlier if he hadn’t slept in the bus. Actually, he gets a cool sleep in bus.

Rank 4. Diarrhoea suddenly

One day, I was going back home from college. There was a hard traffic jam in Gaushala.  All the vehicles were stocked for half an hour. I was just blaming for government for not proper traffic system. But suddenly, my stomach started to dance with गडडडडडडड and it felt like I was gonna burst at the moment. I was just controlling hard and hard. Control, Control that what I was just saying internally. The bus stopped at chabahil. I got out and walked slowly so that I could control it. Oh no! it was beyond my control. So, I looked for public rest room but it was already destroyed by municipality to broaden the road. What to do? It felt like now I was gonna destroyed. At the moment my eye went to Medicare hospital and with a maximum speed without any care, I rushed to the hospital rest room and got a fine relaxed. Thanks Medicare. I was saved.

Rank 3. The effect of Best regular student award

Yes, I got the best regular student award in class 6. I was so regular that one day I even didn’t knew I went to school in Saturday.

Rank 2. A girl next to school

SLC was near. We were hosteled and preparing for the exams. I was at the first floor reading science book. A girl appeared in the building next to school. Well, my friend had told me before and it was true. I went near to window. She gave a smile and in return, I said ”Hi” with raising my hand.  She also said ”Hi” just by moving her fingers. It was a good day I thought. Suddenly, I heard some noises. I looked through the window – OMG.

There were my friends in the ground and the top floor and I was in the mid floor. All of them were watching her as I did.  Now imagine yourself a situation, a girl in the next building making fool to the boys of each floor of the school.

Rank 1 . A mobile number

I got a mobile number of a girl from my +2 friend. Well, I am very shy if I have to talk to any new girl, so the number was just saved in my cell. I never called or miscall. One day,  I went to meet my school friend and I gave that number to him. He questioned how the girl looks like? Well, truly speaking I have never talked or seen that girl. But I just said – Daami cha.

After one week, I met the friend again. The story was different that time.  He asked me whose number I gave him. I was shocked if any terrible happened. Then he started explaining the story:

He started texting in that number. Surprisingly, the number replied too. He got positive signal. So, he started texting daily. The situation become such that he fell in love with this girl  and he proposed a date to that girl. The girl insisted first but however, he managed to convince her. Finally, date was fixed and he went on date. He was shocked. Everything he expected was opposite. Actually, the girl was over weight. But he controlled his feeling and they both went Bouddha for a couple of hour and then parted. He said that the girl had informed him earlier about her physical appearances but it was him who could not believe her. He even took suggestion from love guru who told him that most of the beautiful girls will say that they are not beautiful. So, he imagined the girl must be – Daami as I said.

But truly, I have never thought story like this could be generated.


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