”The fear of principal” a school memory

Well, there is one principal that everybody likes. Its – PRINCIPLE while there is another principal that most students don’t like. Its – PRINCIPAL.

Why is that?

Why most of the students don’t like to get with principal? Why they have the sense of fear when heard about principal? Why they are afraid of principal?

Truly speaking, most of our friends didn’t like the principal in school days.  We used to be afraid even with his name. There was always a sense of fear inside us. There was the time when we used to escape and hide if we saw him in any places. We were not able to open ourselves with him. My college friends also expressed their principal were too hard and they were too afraid. Even today, most of the students are still feeling the same as we used to and this is not a good sign.

What went wrong at that time? Why were we afraid of him most of the time?

When I analysed now, I found following might be the reason:

  • Most of the time, our principal tried to control us by showing his strength/fear rather than love.
  • Lack of proper interaction with students. We did not have much time to interact with him.
  • Our school did not have any clubs where teachers and students can share their knowledge hand to hand.
  • We were focused only on academic knowledge. Only percentage matter those days.

But later, everything changed at class ten after we were hosteled. That was the key moment when we got proper time to spend with him. We got chance to interact with him. So, our sense of fear gradually diminished. Most of us were able to communicate with him and we had some memorable moments during hostel. Those eight years of fear went on decreasing just in three months of hostel. I mean when principal shares his personal experiences, life learning lesson with the students, it really helps to create a good bonding between them. I felt that. It brings a sense of closeness.

At this moment, when I go to my flash back of those school days, I fell that we were so foolish. We were unnecessarily afraid.

We never realized that a school is an educational institution. A teacher is a knowledge provider, a student is a learning body and principal is the controlling body. We go to school to learn something new, not to be afraid of principal. A principal is a human being, he has too feeling, he has also passed the student life and he knows better than us. There is no need to fear if you are honest and discipline.

So, I will like to request all the students to make habits of communicating with principle, teachers, seniors any time you get. Don’t keep the fear of what will they say? Will they scold me? He is very hard. He will punish me if I ask this question. Remember that it is the time to learn, not to fear.

And also to the principal, I will like to request that your students’ need your love, your interaction, your suggestions, ideas, life experiences tips, not your anger, your power and fear.

Remember that your fear may control them at the moment but not throughout the life. So, give them the life learning lesson, not fear.




2 thoughts on “”The fear of principal” a school memory

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