A Letter to Messi

16th January, 2017



Barcelona, Spain

Dear Messi,

Are you a human? Are you from another planet? Are you an alien?

How could you manage to dribble with those five defenders and get to score?

How could you hit such a fine free kicks?

Its been more than ten years I have been your fan and I have really enjoyed being your fan. It really feels pleasure to watch every game you play. I am really lucky to say that I have watched your game. In fact, who else in the world haven’t watched your game?

You have so many records, trophies and these numbers are increasing day by day. Your records are really really hard to break. I think god needs to create another Messi to break your records.

You have won each and every titles from Barcelona. You have done everything to make Barcelona great again. There is no one to takeover your place. If there is one man to substitute you, it should be Messi again. Your absence can’t be fulfilled by anyone. You are the best player in the world and better than anyone in La Liga.

But, In my view, now, you should come to Premier league. We really want you in this league. You have done enough in La Liga and now its time to do something different with different leagues and club. You don’t have to prove that you are best in this league. We just want you to rock in this league.

Every club in the premier league wants you but not everyone of them deserve you. Well, you have worked with Pep, so, I think joining again with Pep will be the best. He better knows how to fully utilize you than anyone else. This is actually what I wanted but its up to you Messi. I hope we can see you in premier league near future or it will only remain our wish forever.

Best of luck Messi. Keep playing and keep rocking football.


A fan



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