Pashupatinath and memories

I had my two decades with this place with wonderful memories associated. We used to live in Gauringar, Chabahil, Kathmandu , a small town near Pashupati. So, when there is a free time or long holiday, I used to visit it . There is a kailash danda where I learned how to play football. It is the perfect place for young sports lover to practice their game.

Bagmati river is near by and I am glad to hear the cleanliness program is being held over their to clean it. But unless and until, the drainage system of the town near bagmati are not organized, this problem is never gonna solved. The truth is that all the drainage of towns are mixed in bagmati river. So, just by cleanliness program, we can reduced some part of pollution but not the complete one. In my childhood, I had swim many times in this river though I did not know how to swim. But, now when I analysed those days of childhood, I realized how unhygienic I was. In fact, I was not swimming in a holy river but in drainage. I hope in near future we can see clean and green Bagmati.

This is the major place where according to hindu norms and values, after the death of a person , dead bodies are cremated. There is a belief that a person soul can go to heaven easily from here with all the sins wash out. Presently, there are two system. Either you can go for burning dead bodies with wood, a traditional way or you can go for electric system where dead bodies are cremated with electricity, a modern way. This is the place I think to get the true meaning of life. I have seen most of the time many dead bodies are queued and the relatives are in mourn. Heart really gets sad but nothing can be done as one day there will be our turn too.

Creamation in Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath temple is in world heritage list. Only hindus are allowed to enter. The best way to get this temple is by getting a drop in either Gaushala or Mitrapark or Jayebageshwori. A taxi can drop you near the temple but I suggest you to get drop in this place because you will get the glimpse of pashupatinath starting from here.

Don’t worry for your shoes. There is free service for your shoes to take care of. You just have to put your shoes in a bag available there and give it to the care takers. They will provide you a token. Then, just go and visit temple. Well, there was a time when you were allowed to take your shoes inside the temple. I still remember once that I along with my friends took care of the shoes of visitors and collected some money from them. Then, we went to watch Nepali movie Maili on Gopi krishna Hall. I could not imagine how we did that. But it was a wonderful memories due to which I can share here with you. Just remember that you are not allowed to take any plastic, camera, leather products and photography inside is strictly prohibited. You may be penalized if found guilty.

As you enter, you can see a huge structure of BULL. As per hindus belief, Lord shiva used to travel in this Bull. You can find Hanuman ji near it. You have to start from left side as you enter. Mostly lord shiva idols will be there in your every step but you have to know that ” Every gods of hindus are their in this temple ”. There is Budanilkantha, there is Krishna Mandir, there is Kal bhairav, there is Goddess Laxmi, Saraswoti.

There is Kali. On the top of it there is pyramid like structure. It is believed that if you can keep your coin at the top of it, your wish will be fulfilled. Well, I was once able to keep in the second floor only but never succeeded to keep at its top. Don’t forget to try your luck.

Another best part is to take a tour of hundreds of shiva linga. With a rectangular shape, there are hundreds of shiva linga where you can take a tour of it. I have always loved going there since my childhood. We used to take a race who will complete it fast. Before that, at the opening of gate, there is a single linga where if you rubbed your hair, it is believed that your hair gets longer fast. So, I used to rub my hair every time I visited it but I never noticed whether it really works.

There are so many things which I have not described here but I am sure once you visit this temple, you will surely know why is that.

You can go for special Puja by paying some extra money. There is a counter near the main gate of temple from where you can buy token for that special puja. This allow you to do a special puja performed by the Bhattas in the main shiva linga. I have performed that special puja once.

There is Mirgasthali forest opposite to temple and beside Bagmati river. During those days, it was open. So, we used to go their for hunting small birds with childhood favorite weapon GULELI. Now it is protected and deer are captivated their. Everybody can see the beautiful groups of Deer. Near it, there is a best spot to view the temple called Beautiful park. Most tourists come to this spot to view the temple and to take a beautiful snap of the temple. Evening is the best place to visit. But it is sad to see that this holy place is being used by the young generation for dating spot and unhygienic activities. Such negative factors should be controlled.

Most of the people only visit Pashupatinath but they should know that there is another important temple to visit which is behind that forest- Guheshwori Temple. It is as important as Pashupatinath. So, if you have time then after you visit Pashupatinath temple, don’t forget to visit Guheshwori temple.

If you want a pleasant environment then, you can visit Gorakhnath temple which is the mid point of Pashupati and Guheshwori at the top of the forest. It the place where Baba ji resides.

Shivaratri and Teej are the two important festivals of hindus where people from different countries come in this temple to visit. Thousands of people visit the temple on this days. A huge celebration is done.

Overall,visit pashupati with open heart. Good Luck.


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