My First Friendship with Snow

Do you like winter? How about playing snow? Have you ever experienced it?

Well, my desire to play with snow finally came to be true two years ago and I am glad to share those beautiful moments now. It was my first friendship with a snow which I have been waiting for so long. As you know, just living in kathmandu won’t allow you to have that. I hardly remember the last snow fall here in kathmandu and it was during my school days.i.e 10 years ago . People living here have to visit Daman or Phulchowki in order to feel the snow and I never did that. In fact, I have never been to that place.

Initially, I must thanks to my first career without which I won’t be able to have such wonderful pleasure of snow. Dadeldhura, Nepal, my base location of my job where I spent about one and half years of wonderful moments of my life.

16th December, 2014.

I was in MAH404 since there had been power cut for more than 24 hrs and I was there as a  standby operating mobile generator. The temperature was falling slowly. Sky was full of clouds. At around 4 pm, a strong thunderstorm cracked and I was a bit scared as I was in site and it is very dangerous to be in such place since its lightning favorite place. In winter, usually, the sun disappear fast.  I was inside the room where telecom equipment are fixed and the room temperature was warm since those equipment radiates heat. My coworker Madhav came. He was in another site. He told me that it was snowing outside and it would be hard for us to resolve the issue. I was surprised as I could not noticed it was snowing outside.

Really, It was snowing outside and look I was there sitting inside. That day, just passed without feeling the pleasure of the snow. That whole night, snow continued to burst and it was really really hard to leave the bed.

17th December, 2014

Dadeldhura was completely changed this day and how it looked that they. Here are some snaps I captured them.


It was a different feeling for me as it was my first friendship with the snow. I touched it, taste it, feel it and enjoyed it.

Working as telecom engineer is a challenging job. Never say never in this job and always be prepared for the worst. As many of our sites were down due to last night snow fall, it was duty to resolve the issues. Our team was ready and so was our Team leader. He arrived last night as it was sure he had to motivate us to tackle this. So, we were heading towards our site early in the morning. Here are some clicks on the way to site:


The roads were full of snow. But thanks to those roads department employers who had been working whole night to open the road access.That trip from Dadeldhura to Baitadi, Khodpe was one of the best moment of my life. It felt like being in different world, being in snow land as seen in the animation films. Our site were covered with snow as can bee seen above. We did our job and the services started to flow.

Here are some my favorites click of that day.

On the way to MAH407
Snow fun



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