That journey of Bajura

Life is a journey, a journey where you never know what is going to happen. The best solution is to face it and accept the result no matter what but, always remember the lesson you learned.

Here I am going to describe about one of my journey which I have never expected to happen. In fact, I never thought I will be visiting this place in my life. Usually, I used to watch the news related to that place especially during civil war – Maoist revolutions since those areas were red light zone and most of the people were displaced during those bloody war period.

Ever since the peace agreement between the government and revolution groups completed, the whole country is moving in positive direction and those displayed were gradually heading towards their home. Everybody is feeling the sense of peace in mind though they still have inner heartbroken stories where most of them have lost their near one.

Yes, I am talking about Bajura, Nepal. One the most least developed district of our country and as I got chance to explore it, Life is still hard there though most of them still are hoping developments in their home soon as they have high expectation on their political leader whom they have voted in the present election.

I was a trainee engineer in GTL Nepal, a vendor company that is working over the FLM project of Ncell sites of Far Western Nepal. In fact, I got chance to start my career from here. I was shifted from Belauri, Kanchanpur where I spent almost two months to Dadeldhura where I stayed one and half years. Our job was to ensure the smooth operation of the site and if any issues arise, then we should solve it as soon as possible so that the service don’t get affected long.

As a part of regular visit, I have to visit Bajura site and it was my first visit. Since monsoon was on the floor, there was no chance of vehicles and I was told there could be possibility of more than 8 hrs of walk depending upon the situation. Well, that was not problem for me as I love walking. So, on the 1st day, we departed from Dadeldhura and with continuous drive of about 7 hrs, we reached Accham, saanfe bagar and stayed in a hotel that night. There were one of my coworker, Akkal and a driver- Bikas. That 7 hours drive passed so fluently with the mind blowing stories of driver. Once he started his story, it continued till we reached the hotel. He talked about his childhood, he talked about his unsuccessful love story, he reveled the first time he had a sex with a girl, if we were interested, he offered us to manage the girls in the place we were heading and the stories went on and on……..

The hotel was normal with attached bathroom and two beds. I fell asleep as soon as I lay down on bed. Suddenly, my eyes opened and it was 1 am in the morning. I went bathroom and came again . Driver was on the next bed but my coworker was not. I wondered where he might have goon at this time.  May be he was in another room since there was only two bed – I guessed and back to sleep.

Next, our journey started from Saanfe and stopped at …(sorry I forget the name of that place). There were lots of vehicle on queue, the driver stopped and told-the journey starts from here. Due to last night rainfall, a huge landslide blocked the road and it was too risky to go from the river. It was around 8 am in the morning. Next to river, there were vehicles and we decided to take that vehicles. Driver managed to keep the bolero in proper place and moved with us. But, our journey with this vehicle last just for half an hour. They told, beyond this, they could not move as there was a river and bridge was under construction.

The real journey stared then.

Me with red jacket and in front of me, my driver Bikas

The river seems to be small but the velocity with which the water flow, it felt like it would sweep you away. After passing river, we followed road that were good for transportation but that one river stopped all of us.


We moved on and on with some breathtaking views. I was fascinated by the scenic beauty of the nature which I could not get in Kathmandu, where I live.


It was a  good day to have a journey because on the way, we meet the students who came from long distance to take the help from charity organisation where they were given household equipment. Most of there houses were collapsed by landslide last week and they had been living in open place since then.


Life is really hard living here you know. Even the nature is being brutal to mankind. These students have to pass a long distance for education while I just walked 5 minutes for my school. Its really injustice to them. Whom to blame? The god, The government or the fortune?????. Fooding, clothing are transported through donkeys so some community could offord them since their prices are high.But, even they are living as low as struggling everyday.



Besides these, one thing completely took my heart. That is ,the awesome waterfalls. In every steps, there were water falls and I could not stand playing with it.  Really, I have never seen such a huge waterfall in my life. Those wind blown from the pressure of waterfall kissed my cheeks and it felt like dancing, jumping and singing. It was one of the pleasant moment of my life.


what would children do when we try to take their snaps? Well, lots of children are very much fascinated about taking photos nowadays. But, when I was about to take a close up of some of the children walking opposite to me, one of them ran away. I was also able to take snap of small Gothaalooo and a girl carrying food stuffs for their animals. Well, If it was me, perhaps, I could not even carry a half of it. These child are habitual about it and its not their wish, its a compulsion.

After 6 hrs of walk, We finally reached our destiny. The areas were crowded full of houses made of stainless steel and some were even as good as kathmandu. It was unorganized small town, looked compact and beauty was overthrown by this.  Well, I did not like the town very much. But, I loved the children playing football. Some of them even had a tricky skills that forced me to watch their game for a while.

Since we were tired of continuous walk , we stayed in hotel booked earlier and rested that day. The next day, we finished our work and return back through.

On returning back, I asked my coworker, where He was that night, He said he was in hunting. In fact, he revealed the story, that night he went to a girl whom he had fixed his work earlier. As he went to see that girl, they had a pleasant but quick sex in a garden. What the hell! you mean for that pleasant sex, he went 2 hrs of walk that night. My whole journey experience became meaning less due to his erotic story.


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