Lets give a start

” The hardest part of blogging is getting started ,” says Jeff Goins. Its really a true saying because two years ago, I signed up to start this blog  but today, this is my first post . I was really confused- how to start, what to start and for whom to start. I really love blogging but was always scared to start.

Jeff is right – ”The waiting isn’t a hardest part, getting started is. Do something, anything. Just get started. ”

I’m really inspired by his saying. So, finally, I decided to give a start. Its never too late to give a start.

Its been more than a month after I resigned from a job. Dropped my CV to some of the big companies but no any responses. So, I thought this is the best time for me to give a start and utilize my free time. As my tag line is – Enjoy learning and Enjoy sharing. So, I would like to share experiences of my life through this blog.

” Keep following, enjoy learning and enjoy sharing.”


Published by Niraj Thapa Magar

An Engineering management post-grad specialized in strategic innovation and passionate about social innovation to create a positive impact in the society. As a chairperson of Social innovation Club of CQuniversity, Sydney and with two and half year experienced as an electrical engineer in telecommunication, he has built up an innovative mindset with passionate heart to create a better world for tomorrow. According to him, life is all about being happy and making other happy.

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