When I wake up every morning, I feel blessed for the opportunity to live one more day. What a beautiful life is if we think it is.

A warm love to my parents for giving birth to me, taking care during my childhood and loving so immensely forever. My deep gratitude to the nature for providing an incredible place to live in where there is still more to discover. A great respect to all my teachers for giving valuable knowledge that is helping me to shape my life. I am thankfulness to all of my friends for being with me.

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My Current Projects 2019

Graduate this July 2019

Finishing my graduate degree is one of my major project of this year. I will be graduating this July and I am so excited about it. CQUniversity has offered a life changing experiences in my life and I am really indebted towards the university.

Volunteering @ Storyfactory

I am always passionate about giving back to the society. So, this year, I am volunteering in one of the not for profit organisation – Storyfactory.

Social innovation Club @ CQUniversity

Being a part of social innovation is one of the key to bring the positive changes in my life. In my last term, our team are looking forward to bring the positive changes in the university by getting engaged with the students, sharing ideas and conducting the various activities.

Read 12 books in 2019 – One book per month.

In 2018, I read 8 books but this year, I have challenged myself to read 12 books. i.e one book per month

Every kids deserve a better education

Giving back to the society from where I belong to is one of the major part of my life. There are still thousands of children back in my country who have no access to quality education. I believe every kids deserve a better education. So, I believe supporting TeachforNepal who is working on this issue will definitely help to overcome this major challenge of my society.